Ian Cooper is a composer, arranger, musician and recording studio owner which puts him in a very unique position. He is able to write creative string arrangements for songs & jingles, and record ALL the string parts.
Ian plays the parts on different physical instruments, as opposed to repeated overdubbing of the same instrument. Phase problems and nasty cancelations occur when combining identical lines played repeatedly on the same instrument. So a 6 part first violin section is played on 6 different violins.
Another trick is to stand in different spots around a stereo pair of mics, exactly where the players would be if they were there altogether. When the channels are combined at the end, the orchestra mixes itself and you hear a glorious stereo image of a room full of lush strings. And all done at a fraction the cost of a string section.
If you need the string arrangement written as well, then sending a reference track or a sound-alike will speed up writing, and you’ll get exactly what you want first go.
Songs needing strings can be sent as mp3s, WAVs or AIFFs and the string parts can be delivered in any format you wish.
Turnaround is generally 2-3 days for a well thought-out arrangement.
Ian Cooper is an all-round violinist, proficient in just about every known musical style. From Classical, Country, Rock, Jazz, Gypsy, Irish, Bluegrass and Folk, Ian has earned his reputation with Australian music producers as “The guy to call” for anything violin or fiddle.
Ian uses Pro Tools on a Mac. Songs can be sent from anywhere in the world as either as a Pro Tools session, WAV or AIFF file. The violin or fiddle is recorded, and the violin part/s uploaded in your preferred format. Turnaround can certainly be 24 hours, if not earlier, and just let him know how you’d like it played: cool, groovy, gently, devilishly hot, and he’ll more than likely get it first go. The fact that it is recorded in Sydney, Australia is really inconsequential.
Song and Album credits include:
Silverchair, Marcia Hines, Melinda Schneider, Australian Idol, Simon Tedeschi, James Morrison, Deni Hines, John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John, Wendy Mathews, You Am I, Sally Street, Max Sharam, Stone Parade, Raoul Graf & John Morrison.
TV and Radio advertisements include:
Nurofen, Lotto, Coke, McDonalds, Optus, Vodafone, Singapore Airlines, Lenovo Computers, The World Cup, ABC TV station promos, Baileys Irish Cream, Continental Cup-a-Soup, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, and The Disney Channel.
Email Ian now to see whether he can slot your session in. And please give the date you need it done by.
 Turn Me On – James Morrison & Deni HinesString arr. James MorrisonEntire String Section: Ian Cooper